Authority and Responsibilities

Are MIT members authorized to carry a weapon?
As per article 25 of Law No 2937 and relevant legislation, MIT members, as long as they are employed, are authorized to carry their inventory service weapon or personal weapons with carry license everywhere including residential areas.

In what condition are MIT members authorized to exercise rights and authority of the police?
As per article 6 of Law No 2937, MIT staff, who are tasked with protection and security against attacks and sabotage towards any facility, premises, or vehicles of the Organization or any Organization personnel and interior security and counter-intelligence operations, are authorized to exercise rights and authority of general constabulary (such as ID check, search, confiscation, arrest, and interrogation).

While in principle general rule is for MIT personnel to collaborate with law enforcement officers when exercising such rights, staff members tasked with counter-intelligence duties are authorized to exercise all rights and authority of general constabulary individually.

When can an employee of your Organization can declare their identity?
While the general principle is confidentiality, MIT personnel can declare their identity while performing duties described in article 4 of Law No 2937 and when necessary.

Does everyone working in MIT know each other? If they do, do they know each other's true identity, or do they know only the code names?
MIT is a legal entity, and its employees are public servants fulfilling their duties everywhere within the borders of our country, as well as abroad. They work in different places and in various settings due to geographical conditions and requirements of the job. So, MIT employees know each other, and by their true identity, as might be expected from people working in a place under such conditions.

Is it possible for university students to apply for an internship in MIT?
Since MIT is an institution which has a confidentiality policy, it is not possible to do internship here.