Who We Are

We are the National Intelligence Organization. Since our  foundation, we have been working relentlessly to ensure that our country is safe, free, and prosperous to reach  a brighter future.

We are proud to bear the responsibility of delivering to future generations the cultural heritage of modern Turkish intelligence history, dating back to  Branch II, Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa (The Ottoman Special Organization), Mim Mim (The National Defense),  Felah (The Salvation) Groups, and  the National Security Service. We take determined steps on the rough path that runs from unwritten pages of history to hidden challenges of the future.

The National Intelligence Organization not only takes its honourable characteristics from our rich,  deep and multilayered history of institution and profession , but also rapidly adapts to the requirements of the modern  times, constantly renewing itself. In this context, our Organization persistently improves its ability to employ latest technological resources, as well as efficiently utilizing analytical, technical, and operational intelligence disciplines simultaneously.

In consequence of the conditions created by current threats and opportunities and the recent amendments to Law No 2937 on State Intelligence Services and National Intelligence Organization, our Organization has attained a very flexible, proactive, and autonomous structure. Thus, groundbreaking positive developments have been observed in areas such as strategic intelligence, intelligence diplomacy, and counter-intelligence;, foreign operations have gained momentum, and opportunities have emerged to face and tackle threats at the source. In addition to our strong fight against threats, the National Intelligence Organization has managed to benefit from opportunities in all intelligence disciplines , with  constant determination to create new opportunities. With such skills and opportunities,  MİT fulfils tasks entrusted to it for the national security and interests of the Republic of Türkiye with its law-abiding personnel who have a strong sense of mission.

The confidentiality of the activities of the National Intelligence Organization  is both a legal obligation and a natural requirement of  our profession. Therefore, our activities and operations are  confidential, and identities of our personnel are not made public. Despite our names and surnames are  not known by the public, we believe anyone with a concern about the future of our country knows us as  much as they know their family members. Even though our identities and activities are  confidential, we are confident that our nation knows who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

We firmly believe that, in the eyes of our nation, we are the shadow of the crescent and star in our flag that will fly in the skies forever. We are the prayers in silently murmuring lips of our mothers. We are the ones  who never blink an eye so that our loved ones and the entire nation of 85 million people can sleep in peace. We are “the last fiery hearth ablaze” in our country that will never go out. We are the National Intelligence Organization.