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The employees of the MIT are involved in a process of training that would last until the end of their careers based on the philosophy of “improvement for life”.

Training in The Organization
  1. Basic and Preparatory Training

    The applicants who have become successful in the entrance examination are provided with a basic training and a preparatory training. The duration of the training varies depending on the branch.

    Principles regarding civil servants are taught during the Basic Training. The Preparatory Training is provided in theoretical and practical fields so as to equip the candidates with the qualities and skills, which are necessary for becoming a successful intelligence officer.

    The training is given by the instructors who are highly skilled and who have profound knowledge in their fields and who have worked for long years in different subjects and at different positions and also by specialist academicians who are invited from different universities.

  2. Specialty Training

    The personnel of the MIT are subject to occasional specialty trainings depending on the professional developments in their respective branches.

Training outside The Organization

  1. Personal and Organizational Improvement Trainings

    The employees are granted the means to attend training programs organized by the public or the private sectors both in the country and abroad, on the condition that it should be in parallel with their fields of activity.

  2. Postgraduate Training

    Opportunities exist for postgraduate studies in and outside the country in programs required in the Organization’s fields of activity.