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Every piece of authentic information that does not contain hostility and is based on findings/evidences is of importance for and evaluated by the MIT that makes intensive efforts for the sake of the integrity of the country and the security of our people.

Should you possess any information that could damage our national security and constitute a threat, we would like you to share it with us.

Do you possess any information that you believe it would be of use for us?

In the context of national security, within the framework of our duties outlined in the MIT Law 2937, any information that you come across with, hear or know would contribute to our mission, when transferred to us in the following format without making any effort.

You may send your message without giving your name but you may also send your message by including your name/surname and address details for us to reach you if you would like use to initiate an investigation.

The identities of individuals who use this form will be kept secret from third persons/institutions.

All information you send us through the form below are encoded by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and thus protected against the interference of the third parties.

Phone number
E-mail address
Home or business address

We thank you for assisting us in this context and for being sensitive regarding our national security.

Information Requests and Job Applications made through this form will be ignored.

Our Organization does not engage in online correspondence with any of its interlocutors other than the communication carried out for applications in the context of The Law on The Right To Acquire Information. Thus, one should disregard e-mails with “mit” extensions that are used for different purposes under the impression that they are coming from our Organization.