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Over the past decade, all issues related to intelligence have been changing at an unprecedented rate. As information became more complex and diverse, the process of intelligence production –which aims to facilitate political decision-making— also became more convoluted. At the same time, ‘Intelligence Studies’ has emerged as a new academic discipline in recent years.

In order to remain up-to-date with the above-mentioned developments in the world of intelligence, a research center was established in 2011 under the MIT Training Center (MITEM).

The Center for Intelligence Studies continues to “engage in analysis work with the help of academically skilled employees capable of following diverse approaches to intelligence” and to “develop innovative, solution-oriented and applicable methods for the implementation of intelligence work.”

ISAMER aims to become a strongly institutionalized and respectable academic center in the field of Intelligence Studies, an emerging discipline, and set an example to other leading intelligence organizations around the world.

The Center fulfills the following functions:

To review existing literature on intelligence

To publish academic papers on intelligence

To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and panel discussions

To analyze and evaluate intelligence collection processes

To cooperate with think tanks, strategic research institutions, academics, schools and similar entities working on intelligence at the national, regional and global levels

To work in coordination and cooperation with foreign intelligence services on training and intelligence research

To attend seminars, conferences and training sessions regarding its area of interest at home and abroad and host similar events at the international level