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In the last decade, the phenomena that constitute the subject matter of intelligence have occupied a framework as dynamic as it had never been in the past. Along with the increasing speed and diversity of information, the process of intelligence production, which facilitates the decision making efforts of the machinery of politics, has become more complicated. Additionally, “Intelligence Studies” have recently emerged as a new academic realm in the world, generating diverse scientific products.

A center of studies was established in 2011 within the Training Center of the National Intelligence Organization (MITEM) so as to closely follow the above-mentioned current developments within global intelligence circles. The Center of Intelligence Studies (ISAMER) carries out efforts “by generating analyses making use of an experienced workforce with academic background that can follow different intelligence approaches; aimed at the production of innovative, practical and applicable methods in the work flow processes of intelligence activities.

The main organizational objective of ISAMER is to become an institutionalized and highly respectable academic center that inspires global intelligence services and constitutes a point of reference.

Following activities and duties are fulfilled within ISAMER:

The study of the world intelligence literature.

The production of scientific publications and academic texts in the field of intelligence.

The organization of seminars, conferences, workshops and panels.

The generation of analyses and assessments on intelligence processes.

The initiation of cooperation with think-tanks and strategy institutes, academics, faculties and similar institutions making studies on intelligence nationally, regionally or globally.

The creation of coordination and cooperation with foreign services on the fields of training and intelligence studies.

The participation in seminars, conferences and training efforts in and outside the country on its field and the organization of such activities in the international level.