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The Turkish National Intelligence Organization was founded as a body subordinate to the "Prime Ministry", under the Law no. 644 on the Turkish National Intelligence Organization, dated July 6, 1965. This Law, after being in force for 18 years, has been replaced by Law no. 2937 titled as the Law on the State Intelligence Services and the Turkish National Intelligence Organization as of January 1, 1984 as a result of the efforts paid to eliminate any deficiencies, troubles, and gaps that were come accross during the practice of the previous law, and to adapt it to the rapidly changing and improving world conditions.

In Law no. 2937, the organization and the main tasks of the MIT have been described in general terms, and both secrecy and rapid action/adaptation to changing circumstances have been ensured through arranging the other issues regarding the number, names, detailed tasks and the inner structuring of the units by confidential regulations which would be approved by the Prime Minister.

Another aspect of Law no. 2937 which makes it different from Law no. 644 is that under Law no. 2937, the MIT has been subordinated directly to the "Prime Minister". The MIT has been subordinated directly to the "Prime Minister", taking into consideration the fact that in accordance with the Constitution, the Cabinet and the Prime Minister are jointly responsible for carrying out the general policy of the Government.